Seeding the Temple: A Groundbreaking Ceremony, Cacao Ceremony, and Ecstatic Dance Event”

Join us on February 24th, 2023


Join us on February 24th for the groundbreaking ceremony of the Goddess Temple at De La Diosa. This is a momentous occasion as we begin the journey of building a sacred space for women to connect, heal, and transform.

The Goddess Temple will be a 90-foot tall work of art, offering sweeping views of the ocean and jungle. It will be a place for women from around the world to come together and celebrate each other, awaken to the ecstatic joy and pleasure within, and experience profound transformation.

This event is not only about raising money for the build, but also about bringing awareness to the project and infusing energy into the land.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of something truly special. Purchase your tickets now and join us on February 24th for the groundbreaking ceremony of the Goddess Temple at De La Diosa.


An experience-driven lifestyle retreat & community center dedicated to the exploration, expression and embodiment of the feminine. A place where women, leaders, and coaches come for connection, deep healing, and transformation.

With the intention to serve as a safe and sacred space for community, travelers, guests and facilitators from around the world, the Goddess Temple will be both an elaborate work of art & the focal point of De La Diosa.


De La Diosa is open to everyone. In addition to retreats focused on women’s empowerment, there will also be co-ed events and retreats, performances, circles, and even festivals on the property.

A Social Impact Driven Business Model

Our sustainable revenue model is a hybrid of retreats, a work-live experience, and community events.

Facilitators from around the world who are aligned with our values can book the center for their retreats during the majority of the year.

The work-live immersion experience is for high level digital nomads looking to travel to epic locations to work, play and grow together in a like-minded community. This is becoming more of a demand from location independent entrepreneurs.

In addition, we have intimate and large community events led by our resident facilitators. We will have 6 apprenticeships for women to stay year round and be the Temple Keepers. Open to the public, visitors from all over the world can experience the magic of the Goddess Temple for ecstatic dance, aerial silk performances, divine feminine workshops, meditations, circles, voice activation and more.

Part of the allure for retreat facilitators is that they will be able to plug into the preexisting events happening at the Goddess temple, enhancing the experience for their retreat participants and giving them breaks from leading the entire time.

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(1) - Event Ticket

An exchange of value for each of us to cover the costs of the event.

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Manifestation Elixir

(1) Elixir infused with the energy, love and intention to manifest our desires.

Donate $111 or more

Ceremonial Elixer

Tap into the collective consciousness with this heart opening and medicinal elixir.

Donate $147 or more

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Both Perks 2 & 3

I’m a YES! to all of the above and looking forward to this magical night of ceremony, ecstatic dance and connection within myself and my community.

Thank You! We Appreciate
You & Your Support!

Our ultimate goal and vision is to build the Goddess Temple & Transformational Retreat Center. The groundbreaking ceremony is the second of many fundraisers and with your support, we will get there so much faster!

Join us for the “Ground Breaking Ceremony” on February 24th at 3pm CST where we’ll share what we’ve been manifesting over the past 2 years and set an intention together and infuse as much love and energy humanly possible into the land.


We are located outside of Santa Teresa, which is the southern most tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. We are 20 minutes from the closest commuter plane airport in Tambor.

No, not necessarily. You can take a taxi from the Tambor airport to the property.
All goes as planned, the 12 domes and retreat center will open in January 2024. Construction of the Goddess Temple will begin shortly after so we can spend extra time on the quality of the most important structure of the project. We plan to have the Goddess Temple Grand Opening Ceremony in June of 2025.