Imagine an iconic modern day Goddess Temple where you come to gather with your sisters from around the world and experience profound transformation, celebrate each other, and awaken to the ecstatic joy and pleasure within.

Imagine this Goddess Temple is dedicated to the sacred feminine and designed specifically for women. It is a work of art standing at 90 feet tall, perched on a hill with sweeping views of the ocean and jungle. 

Imagine a safe and sacred space where you get to bring all of yourself. This is the future home of Sistership Circle. We celebrate our unique gifts, we come together to activate each other, and we return with a deeper connection to our purpose. Together, we are bringing the goddess back to the modern age, for our daughters, and for our future generations.


We envision this as an experience-driven lifestyle retreat & community center dedicated to the exploration, expression and embodiment of the feminine. A place where women, leaders, and coaches come for connection, deep healing, and transformation.

With the intention to serve as a safe and sacred space for guests and facilitators of the sacred feminine, the Goddess Temple will be both an elaborate work of art & the focal point of De La Diosa.


De La Diosa is open to everyone. In addition to retreats focused on women’s empowerment, there will also be co-ed events and retreats, performances, circles, and even festivals on the property.

De La Diosa also has a special focus on programming that supports the facilitators of Sistership Circle in creating incredible retreat experiences for their guests. 

A Social Impact Driven Business Model

Our sustainable revenue model is a hybrid of retreats, a work-live experience, and community events.

Facilitators who are aligned with our values can book the center for their retreats during the majority of the year.

The work-live immersion experience is for high level digital nomads looking to travel to epic locations to work, play and grow together in a like-minded community. This is becoming more of a demand from location independent entrepreneurs.

In addition, we have intimate and large community events led by our resident facilitators. We will have 6 apprenticeships for women to stay year round and be the Temple Keepers. Open to the public, visitors from all over the world can experience the magic of the Goddess Temple for ecstatic dance, aerial silk performances, divine feminine workshops, meditations, circles, voice activation and more.

Part of the allure for retreat facilitators is that they will be able to plug into the preexisting events happening at the Goddess temple, enhancing the experience for their retreat participants and giving them breaks from leading the entire time.

Choose a perk & help us build our first Goddess Dome!

Donate $5 or more

Meditations for Circle

Includes the following audios and transcriptions to use for personal use or in your circles:

Drinking in the Divine Feminine
Divine Feminine Leader Activation
Receiving your inner child
Into intuition
Sense of Self Worth
Light Igniting

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Goddess Dome Archetype

Submit your ideas + vote for the dome archetype and theme!

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Your Name on
the Dome

In honor of your contribution, we will put your name on a beautiful framed placard on the dome

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Goddess Bundle

Submit Your Vote + Get Your Name on the Dome + 4 Feminine Leader Archetype Activation (Mother, Priestess, Wise Woman, Queen)

Our First Goddess Dome

To sustain the Goddess Temple, we must build a community around it and have a place for people to stay and immerse themselves in the energy.

By building 12 domes surrounding the Temple, we will be giving facilitators & guests the opportunity to stay and do their sacred work. So far, we have purchased and improved the land, hooked up water and power, dug the first of three wells, built a workshop as Basecamp for our build team, and created our branding and business model.

Our next step is building the first dome as the prototype for our community and investors to see and feel what we are building for them.

The domes are made out of Aircrete, the perfect material for the harsh conditions of the Costa Rican jungle. They are mold-free, bug free, weather resistant, and remain at room temperature inside during the dry “hot” season.

They also have a unique design. We have chosen a circular shape for our structures because every detail is important to create the sacred setting.  For those who appreciate the power of aesthetics in creating ambience, we are carefully choosing designs specifically for the feminine.

Everything is seen through the lens of 3 elements: light, spaciousness and intimacy to create a safe space that invokes pleasure, nourishment and abundance.

We have the #1 dome builder in the world, Raffa as the chief architect and builder for the project. Two of his guys, Franklin and Negro, have moved onto the property after completing construction of Basecamp this month. They are ready to begin on the first dome in January.

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Masterclass: Circle Messaging

Learn how to talk about your circles to double your attendance with your ideal circle participants. 

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Featured on Brave Woman Podcast

With a 60 second commercial on the Brave Woman Podcast!

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VIP MasterMind

1 day VIP Group Mastermind in May with Tanya Lynn. Includes the Goddess Bundle bonus!

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Become a Brave Woman Podcast Guest

Be featured in an hour interview with Tanya that will be distributed to multiple platforms and be available to our audience for years to come (includes all perks in the goddess bundle)

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Sistership Circle Content Queen Bundle #1

Get our books, meditations, outlines, visualizations, and archetype activations to support you on your circle leadership journey. (Total value = $2086)

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Receive the entire Sistership Circle
library of Virtual Content

Get all of Sistership Circle Virtual Content ($6199 Value)  + the Goddess Bundle!

(E-books, meditations, activations, monthly outlines, The Art of Leading Circle, Business of Circle, Embodiment of Circle & more)

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For the past 8 years, Brent has been the masculine structure behind the scenes building Sistership Circle, a feminine leadership organization impacting hundreds of thousands of women from around the world. His biggest takeaway is that:
Magic happens when women come together in a safe, intentional space. Free to be themselves, get messy, get vulnerable and get real. He’s repeatedly heard the call for women to have a safe and sacred place to come together in person, in community, in sisterhood.

In October of 2020 Brent had a profound mystical experience in a ceremony… The message was “Go to Costa Rica and Build Community”… 3 weeks later Brent and Tanya packed up a four bedroom house, threw everything in storage and arrived in Costa Rica with their two little girls and cat.

Inspired by Burning Man

As many of you may know, Brent goes to Burning Man every year. It’s his annual pilgrimage to reconnect with himself, tribe and remember that life is a celebration, experience and journey.

It’s the gathering of the tribes, the spreading of ideas and possibilities, the place where you get to step out of the box, be your radical self-expression and experience true abundance.

In January 2021, Brent went to Santa Teresa and immediately fell in love with all that it has to offer. The energy here reminds him of Burning Man with the dust and the ATVs. It’s a melting pot of entrepreneurs, eccentrics, surfers, and spiritual seekers from all over the world. People who live their lives outside the box.

Brent always asks himself how he can bring the Burning Man ethos to the world. And one morning as he was watching sunrise on the beach in Santa Teresa, he saw the first glimpse of the vision for the De La Diosa: The Goddess Temple inspired by the Temple of Grace at Burning Man where he proposed to Tanya in 2014.


Btw…If any of you see or talk to David Best the designer of the Temple of Grace please tell him his email server isn’t working. We’d love to connect with him 🙂

Thank You Sister! We Appreciate
You & Your Support!

Our ultimate goal and vision is to build the Goddess Temple & Transformational Retreat Center. The first dome is the first of many fundraisers and with your support, above and beyond our goal donation, we can get there so much faster!

Join us for the “Online Reveal Party” on December 27th at 12pm PST / 3pm EST where we’ll share what we’ve been manifesting over the past 2 years for our community of women from across the globe, and set an intention together to make it come into fruition.

What’s it going to take?

Your Help...

Up to this point, we have poured all of our financial resources into this project and we need support.

With the team ready to start building in May, we are asking for you to donate to the construction of the first dome.

We envision you and our online community as the financial sponsor for the first dome and 12 other Transformational Leaders to sponsor the others.


Srinivasan defines the network state as a “highly aligned online community with a capacity for collective action that crowdfunds territory around the world and eventually gains diplomatic recognition from pre-existing states.”

Stripped down to the basics, the idea is you start with an online community – one that’s economically prosperous, engaged and has shared values – and then manifest it into the physical world.

This is it, the vision we’ve had for a long time now: to create the physical location for our online community. It may have a different name, but it embodies the essence of who we are and our shared values.

It also shows financial contributors & collaborators that the feminine wants to come together in person and manifest the existence of a Goddess Temple in the world.

The more women who raise their hand – with just $1 – the more powerful this project becomes.

This is the power of sisterhood.


We are located outside of Santa Teresa, which is the southern most tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. We are 20 minutes from the closest commuter plane airport in Tambor.

YES! This project has zero runway until we bring on investors —-this is our one chance to make sure we don’t lose our dome building team and make it happen! This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity to keep the momentum and stay on track, build social proof that our community wants a Goddess Temple.
You have an option to add multiple perks to your shopping cart.

Yes! Please, anyone who wants to support the manifestation of the Goddess Temple can donate!

If all goes as planned, the 12 domes and retreat center will open in January 2024. Construction of the Goddess Temple will be after that so we can spend extra time on the quality of the most important structure of the project. We plan to have the Goddess Temple Grand Opening Ceremony in June of 2025.
We will have aligned facilitators booking their retreats at the facilities and so their pricing may vary upwards of $3000 per person. We will also host 4 Sistership Circle retreats per year which will cost anywhere from $3000 – 5000 per person. The average Community Event ticket price will be $20.
Yes, there will be weeks where you can book a room like Airbnb as well as joining us for 1 month as a Digital Nomad.
No, not necessarily. You can take a taxi from the Tambor airport to the property.
Yes, we will have scholarships available for our internal retreats and community events.